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Inspiration and Making Of

TO BE CHANGED The idea for Bromance spawned when I was trying to think of what to do for my Shooting and Lighting Final Project, which had to be a film made out of only pictures. One of the first ideas that came into my mind was someone in an electric chair being electricuted, and everything fell into place from there. I wanted to make a dark comedy that made people feel many different types of emotions at once.

TO BE CHANGED Production of Bromance started and ending in two days, in which Gary and Jackson essentially spent all day being best friends and mortal enemies. Being able to almost get each take in the first try since it was almost pictures, we were able to cover a lot of ground very quickly. Some of the more complicated effects like the split screen, the killing montage, and the bullet-time final blow took up a large majority of the production, making thosestrong moments pay off to be hilarious/emotional.

TO BE CHANGED As the Thanksgiving break came to a close, we were rushing to finsih the last scene of the film. We actually changed the ending of the original script to be able to finish in time, but we all were surprisingly more satisfied with this ending, leaving the audience with an emotional tone rather than a comedic one. A couple Mosleyfilms cast members have told me this is their favorite film for its great comedic timing and the emotional uproar it can cause alongside of that comedy.


Happiness may come to us in many forms, but it can be lost as soon as we forget how happy we truly are, leaving you with a hole and regret.
Created May-June, 2013

The Cast

  • Mike McAllister
  • Lexy Dewland
  • Craig Sussen
  • Chloe Weissman
  • Emily Frantz
  • Kaila Orlandini
  • Tommy Fanelli
  • Gianna Bruzzese
  • Alexis Schmidt
  • Nika Chugh

The Crew

  • Written by
    Dan Mosley
  • Directed by
    Dan Mosley
  • Cinematography by
    Dan Mosley
  • Edited by
    Dan Mosley
  • Song by: