About The Cast

Mike McAllister

Mike is one of the biggest contributors to the growth of Mosleyfilms. He is one of my best friends who supported me behind the camera the most, learning filmmaking alongside of Dan in high school. He often got thrown small roles to thank him for his help with camera and behind the scenes work. Honestly without him, I don't know where I would be. Mike is currently attending Rutgers University pursing a chemical engineering major. Most Known For: World At Large.

Lexy Dewland

Lexy became friends with me in the middle of my high school career and has become one of my best friends. She wanted to be an actress, I wanted to be a filmmaker, and we both gave each other invaluable experience. Her constant interest in my films and dedication helps us become best friends and great collaborators. Lexy is currently attending Rutgers University pursing her acting career. Most Known For: Stolen Hours.

Audrey Morgan

Audrey is the one person that I can trust with what direction I should take a film idea. She adds such a backbone to my confidence and helps my crazy ideas become finished films. If she is not in a film, she probably was just on set helping me out or brainstormed with me to make the film make sense. Audrey is currently a senior in high school and applying to colleges pursuing a foreign language studies major. Most Known For: Color Me Impressed.

Kaila Orlandini

Kaila was the first actress to be on the Mosleyfilms team. Back in the day, like freshman year in high school when Mosleyfilms did not even exist, she was acting in my stupid videos that were just terrible with all of our inexperience. With her support and making those terrible films, I would have never learned how to do anything right, and I am so grateful for her always being with me since the beginning. Kaila is currently attending University of Pittsburgh pursuing a biology major. Most Known For: Timeless.

Tommy Fanelli

Tommy is one of my best friends who always has my back when it came to my filmmaking. Being a filmmaker himself, we would often act in each other' projects and learned together. We share great times together and make each laugh constantly. Tommy is currently attending Rowan University pursuing a film major. Most Known For: Camp Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Gary Bowman

Gary is one of, if not the most enthusiastic person I know. He always works incredibly hard in front and behind the camera when he joined Mosleyfilms. Some of his best moments are when he gets to play small supporting characters and take things in crazy new directions that I never even thought of. He is a great person, a great actor, and a great friend. Gary is currently a junior in high school and looking to pursue acting as a career. Most Known For: Half of Something Else.

Gianna Bruzzese

Gianna is one of the original Mosleyfilms cast members, starring in the first short film I ever made. She was and still is an aspiring actress who has been on various productions such as The Backyardigans and college thesis films. Her professionalism on the screen and her great personality as a friend is paramount, and I cannot thank her enough for her support. Gianna is currently attending Rutgers University continuing to pursue her acting career. Most Known For: Eve Leaton, Primetime Detective.

Dante Bruzzese

Dante knows how to be silly on set while also giving amazing performances. I know if I cast Dante in a film, inside jokes and hilarity will arrise no matter what. He was and still is an up and coming actor who has made several appearances on productions suchs as Orange Is The New Black and The Family. His great support and acting blows me away sometimes, and I love him with all my heart. Dante is currently a junior in high school and looking to pursue acting as a career. Most Known For: Past Tense.

Alec Pizarro

Alec joined the Mosleyfilms family pretty recently but has made a huge impact since he has been here. He is a man that is always down to do anything as long as there is Wendy's to be had afterwards. He is the only actors to have a recurring joke that runs through his characters: they all wear the same blue sunglasses at one point in the film. Honestly, Alec is an amazing friend who is always there for me and never disappoints. Alec is currently a senior in high school and applying to colleges pursuing a engineering major. Most Known For: Out Of Horizon.

Josh Katz

Josh and I have been friends ever since we were teammates on the same soccer team as kids. Although he makes some appearances in my films, his main prowess is his music. He has composed pieces that are fantastic and personal to give the films their own unique fingerprint. Josh is curretly attending Rutgers University pursuing a psychology major. Most Known For: Rapademics.

Everyone That Has Every Been In A Mosleyfilm Ever!

  • Mike McAllister
  • Lexy Dewland
  • Audrey Morgan
  • Tommy Fanelli
  • Kaila Orlandini
  • Gary Bowman
  • Gianna Bruzzese
  • Alec Pizarro
  • Dante Bruzzese
  • Josh Katz
  • Emily Frantz
  • Bhavish Malkani
  • Alexis Schmidt
  • Chloe Weissman
  • Melissa Lubars
  • Ryan Connelly
  • Nika Chugh
  • Megan Hoey
  • Sophia LoPresti
  • Jaclyn Platt
  • Lauren Greenwald
  • Lauren Mosley
  • Dani Horbiak
  • Kenneth Segura
  • Debbie Meskin
  • Raoul Bhandari
  • Lauren Kopelove
  • Jackson Schade
  • Craig Sussen
  • Caitlin Knight
  • Alyssa Rosenberg
  • Allie Weiman
  • Zach German
  • Jarred Sokolowski
  • Hanny Ramadan
  • Candace Mosley
  • Ido Bernard
  • Bridgette Burton
  • Vamsee Mupparapu
  • Bill Vogenitz
  • Louis Hart
  • Brian Hall
  • Mandy Frick
  • Michelle Magpiong