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My name is Dan Mosley. I am 19 years old and currently studying film at Drexel University, but I'm getting ahead of myself. To go back to where it all started, I grew up in Voorhees, New Jersey. I have two older sisters, Candace and Lauren, and two great parents, Bob and Carolyn. I attended Osage Elementary School, where I was placed in advanced math classes and the gifted and talented program because of my intellectual prowess (words that I didn't understand at the time). Throughout my elementary school career, I tried my hand (and foot) at a myriad of sports, my two favorites being baseball and soccer.

Making my way into middle school, I started to feel somewhat outcasted by my peers, sticking to only a few close friends and trading many of my athletics for the chess club. I only continued with soccer, becoming the Voorhees Sabers' head sweeper (essentially the head of defense). I was still in the gifted and talented program, but I was starting to think the whole thing was kind of stupid. By the time I made it to high school, I had dropped soccer for lack of true enjoyment. At this point, I finally pursued what I had always dreamed of doing: I auditioned for the theatre shows at my school. The first show that I auditioned for was Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, when I was cast as Nick Bottom, the comedic lead of the play. The experience was amazing, and because of it, I became a part of the group of students at my school known as the theatre kids. I performed in more shows such as City of Angels, Pirates of Penzance, the student-directed one-act shows, and NJDFL's improvisation pair competitions.

All of my friends were now theatre kids, which helped my growing passion for filmmaking to finally take form. In my sophomore year of high school, I started to work on independent film projects and took my first of all three levels of the video production classes at my school to work on my craft. By my senior year, I was well known as the filmmaker at my high school, and people were always asking for roles in my films. With such amazing support from my friends and peers, I was inspired to pursue my dreams and become a film major at Drexel University. Since I started college, I have worked on several films with upperclassmen and was admitted to the Drexel Football Team, the school's improvisational comedy group that performs free shows. Currently, I couldn't be happier, spending each day working towards a career in the field that I love.


Daniel Mosley


3.850, Film/Video Major, Drexel University

Local Address

3200 Chestnut Street, Unit #04005
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Summary of Qualifications

  • Has been an independent filmmaker since 2011, creating over thirty short films and video projects
  • Has great people skills in terms of making people laugh and enjoy what they are doing as well as being able to run a team successfully

Work Experience

1st Assistant Director on How We Were Student Thesis Film

April - June 2015
Directed by Drew Emery and Paul Costa
  • Worked with the directors to create a schedule for the production
  • Contacted the crew members via email and in person about their roles and scheduling
  • Conducted the production on set to keep the crew happy, healthy, and on time
  • Quickly assessed situations to overcome difficulty in production and keep the film going

2nd Assistant Director on Oswald's Christmas Student Thesis Film

January - April 2015
Directed by Kevin New
  • Worked with the directors to create a schedule for the production
  • Contacted the crew members via email and in person about their roles and scheduling
  • Assisted the 1st Assistant Director on set to keep the production moving along
  • Stepped in as 1st Assistant Director when the 1st Assistant Director was preoccupied

Producer of Mosleyfilms Independent Film Company

January - April 2015
Producer, Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
  • Constructed a brand and following through my independent filmmaking
  • Wrote, casted, directed, shot, and edited over thirty short films and video projects
  • Used the connections I had to build a great team of actors and actresses to star in my films
  • Challenged myself to do harder projects and challenges such as the 48 Hour Film Project


  • May 2014, Eastern Regional High School's One Acts Festival: Judge's Award
  • April 2014, Greater Philadelphia Cappies: Nomination for Marketing
  • August 2013, Camden County Library Teen Film Festival: First Place Winner
  • August 2013, Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project: Best Use of Genre
  • June 2013, Eastern Regional High School: TV Media 2 Academic Award
  • August 2012, Camden County Library Teen Film Festival: First Place Winner
  • July 2012, Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project: Best Acting, Best Writing, Runner Up For Best Film
  • April 2012, Greater Philadelphia Cappies: Nomination for Best Comedic Actor in a Play


Drexel Football Team Comedy Improv

April 2015 - Present
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Performs live improvised comedy scenes at least two times each Drexel quarter
  • Has audiences normally averaging out between 150-200 people

Eastern Regional High School Theater Club

April 2011 - June 2014
Eastern Regional High School, Voorhees, NJ
  • Performed in several productions including Midsummer Night's Dream and Pirates of Penzance
  • Had lead roles as Nick Bottom in Midsummer Night's Dream and Dr. Mandril in City of Angels


  • Candidate for Bachelor of Film/Video, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, September 2014 - Present
  • High School Diploma, Eastern Regional High School, Town, Province, StartYear-EndYear

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